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Logic and Reason

Two imaginary human mental inventions which tend to last as long in as a snowball in Hell, or a German soldier on Operation Sealion.

If any member (usually GBW, who always forgets) uses Logic and Reason, the correct response is a pitying 'You're using logic and reason again, (name)…'

Recently, Archangel Michael has designed a series of image memes which illustrate of crushing Logic and Reason. These include as Cthulhu crushing a soul (Logic and Reason), as the Death Star destroying the Mon Cal cruiser Liberty (Logic and Reason), and as an iceberg sinking the Titanic (Logic and Reason).

Another recent addition to the Logic and Reason meme was created by VulcanTrekkie45 showing Ken Jennings portraying in a game of Jeopardy! against Logic and Reason. Both Logic and Reason are in the red, with winning with over $20,000.

The idea is also used in Banhammer: 40000, where Logic and Reason take the place of the Chaos, threatening the Empire.

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