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The People's Funny Hat Revolution

A short-lived revolution led and proclaimed by Krall in April 2009 that led to the establishment of the PCPCNOPTGFHFP


After the apparent failure of the Funny Hat Bill, Krall launched a revolution against Parliament and Cabinet. He was joined in this by Ryder and Imajin (who had nothing better to do).

The allied revolutionary forces stormed Parliament on April 21, 2009, signalling the beginning of the revolution. With its forces, largely drawn from those of the defunct Zombie Bismarck Party, it quickly took the building/thread; MP Susano teleported to Straßburg (as he had done in the Crisis of 2008), while Minister of Vengeance maverick opposed the revolution as well. Imajin tried to take control of the revolution, but, upon summoning no forces but a tumbleweed, decided not to.

Pkmatrix, appalled at the ensuing bloodshed, declared his opposition to the revolution (but not to funny hats); Susano attempted to open negotiations with the revolutionaries, who claimed the executive as their own, which however was vehemently rejected by the pro-parliamentary forces.

First Battles and Ceasefire

While Bismarck Zombies continued to occupy Parliament, the Bismarck Werecreatures and Zeppelins met in battle with the pro-parliamentary forces, while the main forces remained inactive. Ground Battles between werewolves and maverick's samurai tanks remained inconclusive, while the Zeppelins and flying werecreatures were more successfully engaged by interceptors of Susano's Hessian Mercenaries.

However, no side was able to score a decisive victory, so both were open for negotiations, and a ceasefire was brokered, first called by Krall's forces, followed by Susano's troops.

Fragile Ceasefire

The ceasefire was nearly immediatly broken when maverick destroyed all of's hat factories. This was and is seen by the revolutionaries as a war crime, an attack on civilian factories, however pro-parliamentary opinion is that these were military hat factories, producing hats of weapon-grade silliness, using civilians as human shields. Nonetheless, to faciliate negotiations, the Hessians launched a commando hit on their ally and detained him honourably in his office in Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, while the ceasefire was broken, Ryder's air werecreatures tried to secure all of's silver, but instead only managed to snatch up all sliver, allowing Susano to secure the silver. Nontheless, battle ensued, in which Hessian AA batteries inflicted grievous losses on Ryder's air troops. A tank attack on the AA positions had a devasting effect but ultimately failed due to the intervention of TheDarkServant's forces.

However, soon afterwards, a ceasefire came into effect again.


Krall tried to host the first round of talks, but Ryder usurped his position when he was offline. This first round of talks failed to have any success due to Ryder's demand for positions of power. Krall subsequently hosted the PCPCNOPTGFHFP, consisting at first of himself, Ryder, Imajin, TheDarkServant, Susano and Pkmatrix. While negotiations about technical details, especially between Krall and Pkmatrix, showed some successes, there was still a vast ideological rift on the main points.

Realising that negotiations might draw on, and with all sides accepting that the Political System does need major reforms, ideas came up to make the PCPCNOPTGFHFP more permanent. Finally, a compromise was reached wherein the committee would hold sovereign authority until further note or until August Elections, with Parliament and Cabinet merely continuing in “auxiliary” positions.

Negotiations then deteriorated as political differences led to the division of the Funny Hats movement.

In the ensuing madness, Minister Maverick was released, although wearing a picklehaube as a compromise, Susano ordered an attack on Ryder's forces, while the divisions between the Funny Hat movement leadership resulted in Krall ordering Ryder's arrest, and Ryder later trying to lead a counter-counter-revolution with Imajin.

Negotiations continud through April 22nd and ended that day due to bickering within the Revolutionary movement and within the members of the PCPCNOPTGGHFP.

As the committee's activities became stalled, Susano and Pkmatrix abandoned the negotiation table, with the Hessian Mercenaries under Susano launching a short-lived counter-coup in favor of a Habsburg Monarchy.

This change of events prompted Krall to abandon Politics for a second time (though he rejoined it soon after), while Parliament has resumed its day-to-day activities.

Current Status

The PCPCNOPTGFHFP's authority was not accepted by all parts of the political system. Nontheless, it took up its work to reform said political system, though it is too early still to note any trends or achievements.

Following the crisis of April 22nd, the PCPCNOPTGFHGP has been de facto disbanded; the revolution is generally accepted to have ended in failure.

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