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Tony, formerly known as tonykwok, is a member from Hong Kong with 1/8 Japanese blood and British passport (NOT BNO) who first registered in December 2009. He has moved to Newcastle, Staffs in 2012 for unknown reasons, and is now a registered member of the Labour Party.

A Chinese patriot, he believes that true patriots should be able to point out the flaws of their own culture and government, so that the country as a whole could improve. A vocal critic of Beijing, he is however a moderate in Hong Kong politics, tending towards the Democratic Party.

Heavily obsessed with Asian topics, his activities on are limited to interaction with Asian members or those interested in China and Japan. While a liberal in the Chinese sense, Tony is somewhat conservative when it comes to US politics, and is leaning towards the GOP even though he finally decides to endorse Obama.

He is known to be a strong supporter of Seiji Maehara.

Not to be confused with Tony Jones.


Tony is the author of A Song Was Heard in China, where Tiananmen goes differently. He is also an important contributor to Aero's Turtledove-winning collaborative timeline Progress, Decline, and Hope on updates about China, Taiwan and Japan.

In Fiction

In the Enterprise episode “CASPIAN COAST”, a parody of the film Pacific Rim, the eponymous character of Tony fulfills a role analogous to that of one of the three Wei Tang brothers in the original film. Unlike in the film, there are four Chinese pilots and they're not familialy related.

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