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Special Election Leader for the Landsraad

Post established by the Landsraad Elections Bill of 2009. The SELL is to conduct the Landsraad Elections. This post was established independantly of the Electoral Officer due to the different nature of the task: Whereas the Electoral Officer would merely post the election threads and count the anynomous votes, the SELL will receive PMs from all peers and sort them by peerage and voting strength. Hence, the position of SELL is a more involved and responsible one, and it was hence decided to keep it seperate.

In the Act, the Special Election Leader for the Landsraad is described as “a person considered sufficiently neutral to head the elections” and appointed to the office by the President, although the Landsraad itself “has the power of a negative resolution against such an appointment with simple majority.” For the Landsraad Special Elections 2009, the Lower House of Parliament has been given the power of negative resolution, after which the power will be permanently transferred to the Landsraad.

However, President Sargon on March 4, 2009 made Pkmatrix Electoral Officer with also the task to oversee Landsraad elections. This was criticisized by MP Susano as act of the President going against Parliament, but was universally intepretated as Sargon naming Pkmatrix for both Electoral Officer and SELL.

List of Special Election Leaders for the Landsraad

# Name Party Named Election Covered
1 Pkmatrix YSP March 4 March 21st (Note: Also Electoral Officer)

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