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Movement to Recognize Sai as Empress of AH.Com

Her Imperial Majesty, Grand Empress, Augusta and Basilissa Sai of the Imperial Republic of

A Ceremonial role in the politics system. President Sargon, in his last act before abdicating, thought to appoint his partner in this role, thought to be purely ceremonial, following her good care of him in times of serious ailment. Empress Sai was recognized by the Imperial Bill on August 17th of 2009

The Project was rapidly supported by members of Parliament present for Sargon's farewell adress, including members of the EVIL Party, the Stranger Syndicate and the Yorkshire Socialist Party.

However, there was also immediate resistance against this from Susano and other members of the FFF as they argued that is not at all clear wether the President can even make such an appointment - they said that most likely not, although others disagreed.

On the other side, supporters of the office stressed the ceremonial nature of it, and argued that Flocculencio as recognized Calpih of was a precedence - while the counterarguement goes Flocc is Caliph of the Goatists, and that on Caliph is a purely religious and not political title anyways. This discussion went so far that Alsace-Lorraine officially decreed it does not regognice any monarch, which some EVIL suppporters described as outright sedition.

To answer the question, TheDarkServant introduced the Imperial Bill (of) 2009 in Parliament which would have gained the proposed Empress recognition from Parliament (despite calls from the Escutcheonist Party that a referendum would have been necessary) in order to officially accept her status. However, the bill failed despite no “Nay” vote due to only three MPs voting.

Thus, the introduction of the role in the politcial system was delayed until the 2009-2010 Parliament voted 9 to 1, or 10 to 1, depending on the version of the bill, to recognize her Majesty as Monarch of

The many titles of the Her Majesty, the Empress: Her Imperial Majesty, Grand Empress, Augusta and Basilissa Sai of the Imperial Republic of, Imperatrix of the Tasty Stir Fry, Sultana of the Holy Sealion, Queen of Thai Kick Boxing, and Kaiserin of Chaos.

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