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One of the oldest political philosophies in Politics, Apatheticism is an over-arching term used by snobby academics to describe the series of political parties and figures bound together by the “Philosophy of Apathy” - the idea that members don't care particularly about anything, including Politics. The earliest known Apathetic party was the Non-Political Party Political Party established by BrianP to contest the first elections in August 2006. The movement didn't resurface until the 2008 elections, when two new Apathetic parties were established: HueyLong's OK Party and, perhaps the most well known group, the aptly-named Apathy Party. While neither party won seats in Parliament, both had members appointed to the 2008 - 2009 Cabinet: Minister of Everything OK HueyLong and Minister of Apathy Caesar.

The Apathy Party went on to contest the Landsraad Special Elections in March 2009, but received no votes.

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