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offtopic:ah.com_elections_2008 Elections, 2008

The 2008 elections were fought on the most conventional grounds yet. In comparison to the previous 2007 and 2006 elections, this campaign was more tightly organized, especially in the case of the Evil Party. It was noted for the practical consolidation into a two-party system of politics.

The results are categorized by the tremendous gains of the Evil Party (four seats) and a smaller gain for the Yorkshire Socialist Party (one seat) at the expense of the defunct Keep Everything The Way It Was Before Party and PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPParty. The Evil Party became the first majority party in history.

Campaigning and Overview

The campaign season began on May 25, 2008 when EvolvedLupine announced that he intended to run for Parliament as a Yorkshire Socialist Party candidate.

In the lead up to the election, it was also seen as being a showdown between parties favoring major action against Noobs and those who did not seem to care. In actuality, though, most of the influential members of the Noob Movement had abandoned their individual party bids and joined either Evil or YSP by election day.

A political survey conducted by the Newspaper in June suggested a slight swing to the left, predicting YSP would win 6 seats, Evil would win 5, the Federalist Federation of Federalists would win 2, and one seat apiece would by won by the Keep Everything The Way It Was Before Party and Constitutional Monarchy Party. The polls also predicted that Acting President Sargon of the Evil Party would win with 40.8% of the vote.

Candidates for President

Registration for presidential candidates opened on July 31, 2008 and closed on August 1. Only three parties registered candidates while a fourth, the Apathy Party, ran a candidate but did not register him.

Acting President and party co-chair Sargon for the EVIL Party.

Former Secretary of State, current Vice President, and party chairman Thande for the Yorkshire Socialist Party.

EvolvedLupine also registered as a YSP candidate, despite Thande having already received the nomination.

demonkangaroo for the Representatives of Space-Filling and Other Boring Places Party.

Dan1988 as an independent.

HUCK as a write-in candidate for the Apathy Party.

Parties for Parliament

Registration for political parties standing in the parliamentary elections opened on July 31, 2008 and closed on August 1. Six parties registered to participate.

EVIL Party

OK Party

Apathy Party

Constitutional Monarchy Party

Yorkshire Socialist Party

Federalist Federation of Federalists

Presidential Election Results

Parties Candidates Percentage Vote Swing
E Sargon 60.29% +20.67%
RSFOBPP demonkangaroo 1.47% N/A
YSP EvolvedLupine 1.47% N/A
YSP Thande 27.94% +7.19%
Independent Dan1988 4.41% N/A

Sargon of the Evil Party was duly elected President of Turnout was 68, up 22% from 2007.

Parliamentary Election Results

Parties Parliamentary Seats Percentage Vote Swing
AHCMP 0 4.21% N/A
AP 0 6.32% N/A
E 9 48.42% +24.10%
FFF 2 9.47% +1.36
OKP 0 6.32% N/A
YSP 4 25.26% +9.04%

Turnout was 95, up 22% from 2007. Parliament, 2008

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