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offtopic:electoral_officer Electoral Officer

This is the individual who impartially organises and posts the polls for the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, as well as any other formal votes that are needed. They also count up the votes and translate them into seats for the Parliament. Such polls are traditionally private polls and NOT public ones. This enables the Parties to reward supporters with various positions later on and helps the President to form a Cabinet.

Traditionally the Electoral Officer in all cases has been and is Douglas (fenkmaster), and thus the Presidential and Parliamentary polls as well as the Official Parliament Thread, plus any run-off polls are considered legitimate if they are posted by him. The President may (and has in the past) also kick off posting the Parliament Thread, but it is far more preferable if the Electoral Officer does so.

Douglas has recently resigned as Electoral Officer.

Special Election Leader for the Landsraad

The Landsraad Elections Act of 2009 establishes a new office, the Special Election Leader for the Landsraad, which could be thought of as a separate Electoral Officer for the Landraad of However, the first appointment to that post was Pkmatrix, who at the same time became Electoral officer, so the posts remain in personal union.

List of Electoral Officers

# Name Term
1 Douglas August 2006 - February 18, 2009
2 Pkmatrix March 4, 2009 - Present

NOTE: Pkmatrix has been appointed both Electoral Officer and Special Election Leader for the Landsraad.

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