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The President is the head of His Administratorness' Government of the Imperial Republic of and Parliament of ruling in the name of the Paramount Leader, Ian the Admin.

Usually a Party Leader, any individual who stands for Presidential Elections may not stand in the Elections for the Parliament at the same time. Presidential Candidates who do not gain the Presidency may however be offered posts in the Cabinet, or a Vice Presidential position by the President. The President is the Candidate who wins the most number of votes in the Presidential Election Thread organised by the Electoral Officer.

The President convenes the Parliament and appoints the Cabinet. He may appoint whomever he likes to the Cabinet, and individuals do not have to be MPs for this purpose. He may also fire any members of the Cabinet or dissolve the entire body if he's feeling particularly pissed off. In addition to conferring Cabinet and Ministerial posts, he confirms the appointment of the Prime Minister and appoints the Deputy Prime Minister. He may also appoint individuals to the positions of the two Vice Presidents. He also issues proclamations, decrees, and can introduce legislation, proposals, votes, referenda and polls into the Parliament and also is able to veto proposals, polls and legislation if he's in a really bad mood or more commonly when the consensus, Parliament or Cabinet disapproves of certain such things. Of course, such vetoes can be overruled by a two-thirds “supermajority” in Parliament.

The President may also proclaim days of importance to be added to the Calendar. Under the Sargon Doctrine he may also declare annexations of various areas by Presidential Decree and appoint people to positions in those areas. He is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and may create new regiments, squadrons, units, branches etc., as necessary with which to batter the enemies of with. He may also declare States of Emergency.

In the event of a Presidential Candidate winning the election, but becoming unavailable for some reason during this event and not being around to take up the position, the (new) Party Leader of his party will assume the post of Acting President until such time as they return to the Board or the following year's elections come up. The Acting President may execute all the powers and enjoy all the privileges of the President in this case. If the Candidate is the only member of his party, then the Candidate with the second highest number of votes will assume the Presidency as Acting President until he returns, or until new elections are held. At this point people tend to get as drunk as possible and use this as an excuse to engage in massive fights in the Bar.

If the President or Acting President resigns, is absent from the Board, is otherwise unavailable or incapacitated, then one of the Vice Presidents will become Acting President with the approval of the Cabinet until such time as the President returns, or if he does not, until the next elections when all the usual chaos and dirty tricks can start again during the campaigns in earnest.

The President or Acting President may of course disappear for a RL holiday or somesuch and thus can temporarily approve one of the the Vice Presidents as Acting President until his return at which time they will step down and the President/Acting President will re-assume his post. On his return, the President is expected to shower people with souvenirs and post photos of his time away.

The President may also form committees and other bodies and carry out other acts as as when needed or when he feels like it. He should also buy lots of drinks for people in the Bar and ask the Minister of Moral Corruption to organise parties for various reasons.

List of Presidents of

# Name Party Elected Served
1 Leo Caesius Party of the Proletariat August 8, 2006 August 8, 2006 - August 16, 2007
2 Midgard Evil Party August 16, 2007, In Absentia May 3 - May 9, 2008; May 21 - August 3, 2008
3 Sargon Evil Party August 3, 2008 August 3 - September 8, 2008; October 1, 2008 - March 1, 2009; March 4 - April 25, 2009; June 13 - July 6, 2009; August 9, 2009 - August 12, 2009
4 TheDarkServant Stranger Syndicate August 15, 2009 August 15, 2009 - September 24, 2009

Presidential Facts

Here are some notable facts about those who have served as President.

Leo Caesius

  • Served the longest unbroken term as President: 374 days (1 year, 9 days).
  • He also holds the record for fewest bills signed by any President of one (the 2006 Runoff Election Act).
  • First President to be elected as a coalition candidate.

Midgard Metal

  • Served: 82 days (2 months, 21 days) or 106 days (3 months, 16 days) when including the 24 days spent as Acting President.
  • He is also the only President to have been elected while away from and the only President to not start his term immediately following his election.
  • Was the first Prime Minister to be elected President.


  • Served 273 days (8 months, 29 days) as President. When his time spent as Acting President is included, he has served the longest term of any President: 543 days (1 year, 5 months, 27 days).
  • He also holds the record for most bills signed by any President: eight.
  • Was the first Vice President and former Acting President to be elected to the Presidency.


  • Served the shortest term of any President: 40 days (1 month, 10 days).
  • Second President to be elected as a coalition candidate. Although he was a member of the Stranger Syndicate, his candidacy was endorsed by the Evil Party and The Party of the Brethren of the Waterless Sea.
  • Won more votes than any other presidential candidate in Politics history: 60. This is 19 votes more than Sargon's victory, and more votes than either Midgardmetal or Leo Caesius received combined.
  • The Last President of the Imperial Republic of, due to the Crisis of 2009.
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