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Crisis of 2008

Major political crisis from 2008 that brought the government and parliament into shambles.

It started when on September 7th, Prime Minister Demosthenes (EVIL) announced that he Imperial Government would run out of money on September 13, at 2PM eastern US Time, and that already $300m were missing. Appalled by this, Members of Parliament Susano (FFF) and LightInfa (EVIL) demanded an investigation, and Susano even threatened a vote of no confidence. Demosthenes promised a report, which he presented September 8 - but the report merely said that the money had “vanished”, and recommended no action to be taken.

Seeing this as an insult of Parliament, Susano and LightInfa decided to start a vote of no confidence, which LightInfa tabled at the evening of September 8. In reaction to that, the Minister of Vengeance, maverick, staged a support rally for government, where Demosthenes threatened that parliament wouldn't work again if the vote of no confidence passed. However, by September 9 rumours circulated of an outright coup d'etat planned by Demosthenes, something which EVIL MP TheDarkServant confirmed: He told that Demosthenes had requested military aid from the appropriate ministers, and went as far as to suggest that MPs should leave Parliament lest troops loyal to Demosthenes could capture them.

Susano did just that: under escort by his Hessian Mercenaries he gave a final speech to Parliament, where he revealed an attempt by Demosthenes to bribe him, and then left Parliament in a Hessian Mercenaries helicopter bound for Straßburg, capital of the Territory of Alsace-Lorraine, where he is, as Imperial Vicar, the official territorial leader.

There, Susano staged a preemptive coup, letting all regular forces in Alsace-Lorraine be arrested by the Mercenaries, and ordering his retainers (as Duke of Wisconsin and Zheijang and Landgrave of Hesse, East Anglia and Superior) to arm up. He also called upon other nobles, regular AH.commers and Forces soldiers to support his cause, which he described as the cause of democracy under predation by Demosthenes. He said that he would organise all resistance against Demosthenes from Straßburg, where the Hessian Mercenaries would serve as core troops.

In reaction to that, maverick called in his capacity as Minister of Vengeance for a general strike “until the factions in this fight work on their differences to solve this crisis”, while Krall, former party leader of ZBP pledged his support and the Zombie Army of the defunct party to Susano's cause. On the propaganda front, Susano established the “Straßburger Kurier”, while Don_Giorgio established what he called the “Official Newspaper”. While the former was Susano's propagandistic mouthpiece, Don Giorgio's newspaper also tended towards Susano's position that Demosthenes had been plotting a coup. Within the day, though, Acting President Midgard intervened, ordering both sides to stand down, and ordering their leaders to turn themselves over into presidential custody. This caused Maverick to come out with an own testimony, supporting TheDarkServant's testimony. Another testimony was given by euio giving further evidence of Demosthenes's plan to use the military to take over Maverick's and Euio's testimony appeared to show that Demosthenes in fact already ordered the coup.

After Don_Giorgio, a Lieutenant in the Armed Forces, pledged his loyalty to Midgard, the Acting President also made him the Acting Supreme Strategos of all Forces, bypassing the now suspect military cabinet level. Nevertheless, Susano had doubts about the loyalty of the forces, and hence whether trusting them to crackdown on the situation would be sufficient. His fears were that if he was in custody and the forces were still loyal to Demosthenes and the military conspirators, there would be no resistance against the coup. Midgard however managed to diffuse these fears, and hence Susano was first to follow the order to turn himself into custody, an order that was then also extended to Evilmittens, High Strategos of the Ground Forces, who at this time seemed likely to have supported Demosthenes.

At the late evening of this troubled day (European time) both Evilmittens and Demosthenes appeared. Evilmittens claimed to have received absolutely no communication from Demosthenes, and eventually turned himself in. Demosthenes appeared later and did likewise after personally having been promised a fair trial by the Acting President. With that, the crisis ended, though the political systems remained in ruins. Currently, martial law remains in force, and preparations have been made for a Constitutional Convention to prevent these kinds of thing from happening again.

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