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An American member hailing from northern New Jersey. His interests include daikaiju films, science fiction, anime, computer games, and writing. Pkmatrix tends to hang about the Future History, Chat, and Non-Political Chat forums, although he is also known to venture into the others on occasion.

Writing for

Pkmatrix is the author of the incomplete FH timeline, Earth: 2001 to 2150, which describes a future where the balance of power has become multipolar, space development has led the to establishment of colonies on the Moon, and the collapse of Communist China forces the formation of despotic Sino-Lunarian city states on the Moon's far side. He rebooted the timeline in early 2008 as History of the Future: 2001 to 2150, but only reached 2030 before it stalled. In August 2010 he restarted it a second time as A Revised History of the Future (2001 - 2150) and so far has reached up to 2120. The timeline won Best Continuing Modern/Future History in the 2012 Turtledove Awards and Best Continuing Future History in the 2013 Turtledove Awards. The timeline was placed in Hiatus in July 2014 and last updated in August 2014, bringing the timeline up to the year 2125. It has since been declared “de facto complete” and would not be updated any further.

He is the author of the abandoned fan fiction Worldwar: Shock and Awe, a reversal of the Worldwar storyline in which advanced spacefaring Humans of the 22nd century invade the Race's homeworld, which is in the midst of a World War fought with early Cold War technology. He also is the author of the sporadically updated fan novella The Race, but not their Empire, ISOT to OTL 2007, in which the Race is teleported to the Real World in October 2007 and are forced to deal with not only suddenly being the weakest power on Earth, not only the sudden overwhelming strength of Real World nations, but also the revelation that they were only characters in a series of science fiction novels, implying that they may be the only survivors of their species. Social and political troubles ensue. After a three year hiatus, the story was last updated in September 2014 and is also de facto complete, although Pkmatrix intends to eventually write an actual official conclusion at some point. He has not yet, as of December 2019.

In January 2011, Pkmatrix started an actual alternate history timeline, The Walking Tank, discussing the history of the eponymous armored vehicle - a weapon devised by the Nazis, built by the Soviets, and used in Afghanistan, as well as what becomes of the weapons post-Cold War. Although he originally planned to continue the timeline through to the present day, as of November 2012 Pkmatrix considers the timeline de facto completed.

In March 2012, Pkmatrix started a new ASB alternate history story, The Birdmen of Patagonia, wherein Spanish Conquistadors discover a civilization of large sentient birds in South America. He completed Part 1 in December 2012 and a revised version titled A Slave of the Bird Men has been serialized in Issues #8, #9, and #10 of Innovate E-Magazine. He began Part 2 in March 2013, but progress has been incredibly slow. After a nearly two year long hiatus, the timeline was updated again in June 2015. After a spike in activity in March and April 2016, the timeline went on another year-long hiatus and didn't update again until June 2017. There were further updates in May and November 2019.

In March 2013, Pkmatrix started the timeline Gundams and Halos, a fusion of various Gundam universes with the Halo franchise. By June 2013, the timeline stretched from 2011 through 2496 and had a page on the Wiki here. This, too, has not been updated since mid-2013.

In June 2013, Pkmatrix posted a timeline based on a double-blind what if he had posted in 2008, titled The Devastation of Skull Island.

In February 2015, Pkmatrix started a new Giant Monsters-themed timeline titled, Up from the Depths: A Brief History of Giant Monsters. Similar to his King Kong timeline, this timeline imagines a world where Godzilla and other giant monsters exist. The timeline is in hiatus and hasn't updated since June 2015.

In October 2015, Pkmatrix started the timeline The Day the Earth Moved exploring a world where Earth and the Moon have been transported to another Solar System. It last updated in November 2015. In November 2016, Pkmatrix posted a status update announcing plans to reboot the timeline but, as of June 2017, the reboot has not yet been posted.

In June 2017, Pkmatrix started another Giant Monsters-themed timeline, The King Under the Mountain.

Works of Pkmatrix

Published Fiction


DBWI, FBWI, and Role Plays


Games Political Career

From April 2008 until September 2009, Pkmatrix was an active participant in the Politics Forum Game.

Originally a proud member of the Yorkshire Socialist Party, he accepted an offer to join the Evil Party when YSP collapsed during the 2009 General Elections. In April 2008, he took it upon himself to catalog every piece of legislation debated by the Parliament of and post articles on the Alternate History Wiki. In August 2008, following a successful run for Parliament, his work was rewarded when he was named Minister of Legislative Wikiness by President Sargon, a position he held until Politics was shut down by Ian in September 2009. On March 4, 2009, President Sargon appointed him Electoral Officer and Special Election Leader for the Landsraad, replacing the former Electoral Officer, Douglas, who had resigned several weeks earlier. In August 2010, he joined the Sandbox Republic as a Congressional Assemblyman, but effectively left the game after four months of inactivity.

During his political career, Pkmatrix held the following positions in His Administratorness' Government:

Title Term
Electoral Officer of March 4 - September 24, 2009
Special Election Leader for the Landsraad March 4 - September 24, 2009
Commander of the Wiki Task Force August 4, 2008 - September 24, 2009
Minister of Legislative Wikiness August 4, 2008 - September 24, 2009
Member of Parliament August 3, 2008 - August 15, 2009

Voting Record

Bills Authored/Co-Sponsored

Bill Co-Sponsored Result
Judiciary Bill None Withdrawn
Krall-Pkmatrix Parliamentary Reform Bill Krall Failed
Funny Hat bill None Failed
Banking Reform bill None Passed

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Pkmatrix, a crew member of the MES-1 Allohistory from Enterprise, is based on him.

See Also

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