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Imperial Guard of

The Imperial Guard is a security organization charged with the task of protecting the Members and Houses of Parliament from potential assailants. It is set apart from the regular Armed Forces and is answerable only to Parliament, rather than either the President or the Ministry of War & Defense. The Imperial Guard's anthem is the Imperial March from Star Wars.


Through's Political history, His Administratorness' Government has dealt with occasional attempts to overthrow it. During the 2008 - 2009 session of Parliament, however, the government faced two separate coup attempts: the Crisis of 2008 and the People's Funny Hat Revolution. Following the defeat of the Funny Hat movement and the restoration of democratic government, a number of bills were introduced to Parliament to address the aftermath of the situation. One of those bills was the Parliament Security Act, which proposed the establishment of a security force to protect Parliament from future rebels.

The bill was passed by Parliament on April 26, 2009 and signed into law by Acting President Thande on May 20, 2009.

On May 21, 2009, MP Susano (FFF) nominated TheDarkServant to be the first Princeps Militantes. He also nominated maverick, big tex, euio, and colonelgoth to be Praefects. These nominations were seconded by MPs TheDarkServant (FFBF), Prime Minister LordInsane (E), Pkmatrix (YSP), maverick (E), 09camaro (E). With no dissent, the appointments are considered confirmed.


The organization of the Imperial Guard is outlined in Articles III and IV of the Parliament Security Act.

The Imperial Guard is led by a Princeps Militantes. Under his command are three groups:

  • Praefects, who may be appointed by Parliament during the Summer months.
  • Tribunes, who may be appointed by the Princeps Militantes during the Winter months.
  • Other Officers, who may be raised by the Princeps Militantes at any time under the conditions that the rank titles must be faux Latin and make no sense or coherence whatsoever.

From amongst the officers of the Imperial Guard, a Magistrus Gladium (or, Sword Master) is chosen for the responsibility of fighting duels in the name of the Imperial Guard.

Powers and Responsibilities

According to the Parliament Security Act, the Imperial Guard is responsible for protecting the Members and Houses of Parliament. To accomplish this, Imperial Guard Officers have been granted a number of powers:

  • Imperial Guard Officers may shoot trespassers in the Houses of Parliament on sight.
  • Imperial Guard Officers have the right to perform searches everywhere in the Parliament Building, and in the Test Messages Forum.

The Imperial Guard is limited in several areas:

  • The Imperial Guard may not be active in the Future History and Alien Space Bats Forum, to prevent demonic infection.
  • The Imperial Guard may not employ katanas or submarines.


According to the Parliament Security Act:

  • All members of the Imperial Guard are required to be schooled in the Imperial School of Marksmanship.
  • Every soldier and officer of the Imperial Guard shall at minimum be armed with a blaster, a sword (either a big friggen sword or an elegant rapier) and Celine Dion tapes.
  • Officers of the Imperial Guard shall have the privilege to wear ridiculous cloaks instead when wearing ridiculous headgear is required.
  • Officers of the Imperial Guard always must enter the Office of the President, the Vice President and the Prime Minister by walking backwards.


Upon retiring and leaving service, each member of the Imperial Guard shall be given a boar as sign of gratitude of the Imperial Republic.


List of Princeps Militantae

# Name Served
1 TheDarkServant May 21, 2009 - Present

List of Maximus Gladii

# Name Served
1 N/A N/A

List of current Praefects, Tribunes, and Other Officers

Rank Name Served
Praefect maverick May 21, 2009 - Present
Praefect big tex May 21, 2009 - Present
Praefect euio May 21, 2009 - Present
Praefect colonelgoth May 21, 2009 - Present
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