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Alsace-Lorraine Vicariate Estates Election, 2009

In the time before the General Elections, 2009, the newly proclaimed Vicariate Estates of Alsace-Lorraine held their first election. Voting began on July 10, and will have continued until July 13.

Campaigning and Overview

This election featured the first appearance of the EGO Coalition in an election; in fact, four of the five entities contesting the election were coalitions. The only exception was the Yorkshire Socialist Party. Another point of notability is the abandonment of the “Douglas method” for tabulating the votes; Election Leader LightInfa instead chose to avoid dropping the below-threshold parties, allowing for less anti-small-party discrimination.

Parties and Coalitions Campaigning

Party/Coalition Registered by Date Campaign HQ
Coalition of the Federalist Federation of Federalists and the Escutcheonist Party (FFF/EP) - - -
Yorkshire Socialist Party (YSP) - - -
Coalition of the EVIL Party and the Stranger Syndicate (EVIL/SS) - - -
EGO Coalition (EGO) - - -
Coalition of the Democratic Imperial Soviet People’s Party of Reform and the Boring Bureaucrats Party (DISPPR/BBP) - - -

Election Results

The 2009 Alsace-Lorraine Viscariate Estates elections were held from July 10 to July 13, 2009. Originally, the cut off for winning a seat was set at 16.67% but this was later overruled by Susano.

Parties/Coalitions Seats Percentage Vote Actual Votes
Federalist Federation of Federalists/Escutcheonist Party (FFF/EP) 2 30.95% 26
Yorkshire Socialist Party (YSP) 0 8.33% 7
EVIL Party/Stranger Syndicate (EVIL/SS) 2 35.71% 30
EGO Coalition (EGO) 1 10.71% 9
Democratic Imperial Soviet People’s Party of Reform/Boring Bureaucrats Party (DISPPR/BBP) 1 14.29% 12

The turnout for this election was 84.

After the annexation of the EGO Coalition into the Stranger Syndicate, the political make up had changed.

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