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2007 Noob Movement


Any support or involvement with the n00b Movement-clandestine or otherwise-is a punishable federal offense. Anyone caught supporting or involved in the n00b Movement-clandestine or otherwise-shall be promptly fed to a Sealion, or sentenced to a minimum of three years in the high-secuirty maximum offense Alternia State Prison.


In late October to early November, a large amount of noobs came onto AH.COM. This was coupled with the Great Troll Invasion, and many considered them the same. All across the lands of Ah.Com, n00bs were sometimes punished or persecuted along with the Troll invaders. When Civil War officially broke out in AH.Com, the movement officially began.

Anti-Noob Feelings

In the beginning of November, a user proposed the creation of a Committee to Find Noobs. This was the first actual debate between new users and regulars/elites in terms of the Movement.

Hate crimes are sometimes launched against n00bs, but some have tried to create laws to give them equal rights. However, there is stil much opposition to the n00b Movements, and most consider them sub-human. The issue of n00b's Rights officially came to a head when Civil War broke out, and the Confederate n00bs of AH.Commia was formed, ruled by the Shadow Parliament.

Shadow Parliament

The Shadow Parliament represents the most blatant act of high treason against the Parliament and Ian himself that the n00bs have undertaken so far. It is the governing body of the Confederate n00bs of AH.Commia. The loyal members, the “Unioners” have vowed to destroy the treacherous n00bs and re-unite AH.Com.

The Shadow Parliament came under much attack by elected members of the real Parliament, and was flooded with off-topic posts.

End of the Movement

The Noob Party, which was the main political group of the movement, was created with Demosthenes as Chairman. However, under growing pressure, on December 15, 2007, he resigned from that post and announced a switch to the Evil Party. Thus, the movement lost its main force, the Civil War slowed down as did the story by Fenwick about it. The movement was therefore dead by the end of the month.

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