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Provisional Parliament of Shared Worlds

The Provisional Parliament of Shared Worlds was established on January 14, 2013, by Tony. He proclaims himself as President of the Supreme Council for Constitutional Reconstruction, and appoints MrHuman as Lord President of Shared Worlds to deal with the operation and preparation work. Parties quickly sprang up, including the Labor Democrats, the Monarchist Party, the Christian Democratic Party, the People's Party, and the Statist Party. However, Deputy Leader MrHuman of the Lab Dems split off from the party to form his own, because of his disagreement with leader Turquoise Blue's promise to consider a coalition with the Monarchists. Eventually, his Workers' Party ended up with six members to the Lab Dems' one, and the two parties merged into the Socialist Party. At the same time, four parties (the Monarchist Party, the People's Party, the Imperialist Party, and the Young Hong Kongers Party) merged into the Monarchy Party, led by JMT.

By the time elections rolled around, there were only five parties: the Socialists, the Statists (who are center-left on economic issues and centrist on social issues), led by Kyrator, the Monarchy Party (which is center-left, but constitutional, electoral monarchists), the Christian Democrats (who are populist and socially conservative), led by Abhakhazia, and the Rational Party, (which is right-wing but socially tolerant), led by SpanishSpy.

The election was held between January 25 and 28, 2013. The Socialists emerged as the largest party, but failed to win a majority.

On the 30 of January 2013, the Monarchist party became the Democratic Party, a Center Left Party, having dropped the Monarchist part of their agenda. On that same day, Party Leader Kyrator of the Statist Party was banned, and was replaced by Zeldar155 with Alex Costa as deputy.

Past election results

List of Lord Presidents of Shared Worlds

# Name Assumed Office Left Office
1 MrHuman January 17, 2013 January 29, 2013
2 Tony January 29, 2013 N/A

List of Prime Ministers of Shared Worlds

# Name Party Assumed Office Left Office
1 MrHuman Socialist January 29, 2013 N/A
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