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Vice Presidents of

The Vice Presidents of are, together, the second highest positions after the President of in the Offices of the President and Vice President. The positions were created on August 21, 2007 by Acting President Sargon of the Evil Party to address the question of line of succession created by elected President Midgard's absence and to legitimize his appointment to the position. Rather than create a single Vice Presidency, though, he created two seats: one for his chosen Vice President and one for himself to step down into should Midgard return.

Since the presidency of TheDarkServant, though, there is only one Vice President serving at a time.

Thus far, one Vice President has been a member of the President's party, whereas the other has been a member of the main Opposition party.

In the event the President is absent, unable to carry out his or her duties, or incapacitated, the Vice President of the sitting President’s party is expected to ascend to the Acting Presidency, with the approval of the Cabinet.

List of Vice Presidents of

# Name Party Appointed Served Notes
1 Thande Yorkshire Socialist Party August 21, 2007 August 21, 2007 - August 3, 2008
Sargon Evil Party August 21, 2007 May 3 - May 9, 2008, May 21 - August 3, 2008 Later Elected President
2 Midgard Evil Party August 4, 2008 August 4, 2008 - September 8, 2008, October 1, 2008 - June 13, 2009 Resigned
Thande Yorkshire Socialist Party August 4, 2008 August 4, 2008 - March 1, 2009; March 4 - April 25, 2009; June 13 - July 6, 2009; August 9, 2009 - August 15, 2009
Analytical Engine Evil Party June 13, 2009 June 13, 2009 - August 13, 2009 Fired
Douglas Evil Party August 13, 2009 August 13, 2009 - August 15, 2009
3 Hashasheen Stranger Syndicate August 17, 2009 August 17, 2009 - Present

Vice Presidential Facts


  • Has served the longest term as Vice President: 643 days (1 year, 10 months, and 21 days).
  • Was the first Vice President ever appointed.
  • Is the only Vice President not be an Evil Party member.


  • Served 75 days (2 months, 21 days).
  • Created the Vice Presidency while serving as Acting President before later stepping down to become Vice President.
  • To date, the only Vice President to go on and win the Presidency.

Midgard Metal

  • Served 292 days (9 months, 18 days).
  • The first and only (so far) former President to later serve as Vice President.
  • To date, the only Vice President to resign his post.

Analytical Engine

  • Served: 61 days (2 months).
  • The only Vice President to have never served as Acting President.
  • The first and only Vice President to be fired.

Douglas (Fenkmaster)

  • Served the shorted term of any Vice President: 2 days.
  • The first former Prime Minister to be appointed Vice President.


  • First to be appointed as the only Vice President.
  • Last Vice President of the Imperial Republic, due to the events of the September Crisis of 2009
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