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Nekromans arrived during the early half of 2006 and did thrust upon us his juvenile gaysexuality.

Lo, this did cause much “eeking” from the older gaysexualists, who were perturbed and frightened by his predatory grooming.

After a stint as batman to The Bald Imposter, the fickle Leicestrian youth then changed his username name to Nek, before reverting back to Nekromans: everyone knows Nekropher - as in “Nekropher O'Mans” - would have been a far better choice. But there we go. He doesn't listen. He is commonly still abbreviated to Nek.

He is habitually hyperactive whenever in close proximity to cornettos and has pleasingly become far less naughty.

He and Faeelin have since been declared Ianite Janissaries at Alternia. Charmed by the title, he has since taken it as his own.

Baldian Smileyology

According to Baldian Smileyology, Nek is associated with the :eek: smiley. Not because he uses it, but because he inspires it. Politics

Nekromans renamed and led a faction of the Yorkshire Socialist Party called the British Social-Imperialist Party during the YSP's period of uncertainty and policy debate and, since the reunification of the YSP, was elected an MP at the 2007 election and now serves as Minister for Wit and Undersecretary to the Deputy Prime Minister.


Nek's TLs often feature unusual personal unions.

This Fair Conjunction: The death of her elder sisters leads to Catherine of Aragon taking the Castilian throne, binding England and Spain into a personal union.

Astonishing the World: Austria joins Russia in an alternate Crimean War, whose stalemate leads to a Southern victory in the American Civil War.

A Kingdom and a Horse: A Yorkist victory at Bosworth results in a Habsburg prince gaining the English throne.

In fiction

Has appeared in the Series in several roles, including a Space Marine sergeant in the Vendetta episodes, and Justin Pickard's Hirsuite Prime in the Series 3 finale.

In Luaky Commer, features as a junior member of Fudgepacker House, and 'Nek' is also used as a generic term for bullied first years in that house, analogous to similar insulting nicknames in the other houses.

In Wars Nek, along with David bar Elias, appears as a cameraman and assistant to the megalomaniacal director Thande, who features in the prequel films in a meta-, breaking the fourth wall way, and appears to have doubts about Thande's steadily degenerating directoral vision.

Features in both versions of There'll Always Be An England as Nicholas O'Mans, Kit's young assistant.

Part of the cast in Doctor What‘s Extinction Event, in which he appears as Barry, companion to David bar Elias.

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