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AH.Com's Resident Furry. He's from Michigan, and is a bass player in a rock band. Not much more is known about him.

Bears a spooky resemblance to Michael Moore and is an accomplished mapmaker, fond of alternative place name spellings and US state names and borders.

Competes with The Mists of Time in “post the most disturbing picture” contest and appears, unprecedentedly, to be losing.

Thande nicknamed him H'lander (a play on how city names are abbreviated on British road signs) which caught on in the Map Thread. More recently it has progressively become even more abbreviated, with Nekromans coining H'der, Roberto H'er, and euio H'r.

More recently he has become noted in Political Chat as a staunch critic of 1) Barack Obama*, and 2) the People's Republic of China. A correlation which suggests he hates things that are often described as communist and aren't.

*Is to!

He got banned in 2011 after attending an Israel-Palestine political debate in Chat, advocating the use of ethnic cleansing on both nationalities. His map-making skills will be missed.

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