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Agentdark Joined the board on November 15th, 2005, discovering the site after a random google search. Agentdark is a student, born in California, but for the last 2 years living in France, an existance which he hates. He is now moving to Germany, mainly to get away from France. Agentdark hates any AHs that involve a powerful Roman/British Empire or Poland Lithuania, or when Russia gets shafted. Agentdark tries to be helpful but can also come across as a prick, depends who you are. Agentdarks mainly associates himself with members like Straha, Midgardmetal and the Shared Worlds people.

Claims to Fame

his other attempted timeline was Thy Kingdom Come a timeline of a Satanic Nation in south America.

Agentdark is also the first member to advocate Satanism as a good and important thing. He grew out of this a few years ago though, and has a much different opinion on this nowadays.

He is also a fan of heavy and gothic metal.

Agentdark also doesn't like it when people idealise Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, despite all the crimes and human rights abuses he helped to commit. The “Che Guevara tea shirt crowd” annoys him the most.


Has began 2 timelines, and 6 stories in the writers forum. By now, he has finished several stories, amongst them Angels Wear Black, Behold The Pale Rider, and several others.

To rule the world - A dystopic prediction of our future, starting with a limited nuclear war in Iran. He hopes to someday get around to finishing this future timeline.

In 2011, he started writing a Protect and Survive spinoff set in several African countries, titled No Rest for the Wicked. It is a collaborative effort of him and Shurik.

Shared Worlds

Agentdark makes a point to participate in every possible Mosaic Earth or Feudal Lords that is started in Shared Worlds, though he has a thing for avoiding games that take place without Gunpowder, becouse he veiws swords as boring. Agentdark has a tendancy to play as odd countrys in shared worlds such as a Communist Denver, Varius Satanic Empires, and a Molovian USSR. Agentdark has a tried 3 times to start a game of mafia, but has failed to get it started, PM him on the board if you want him to start it again.

In recent times, Agentdark has become well known in the shared worlds main thread. This has to do with the fact that he is a moderator, as well as a veteran of the main forum. He is also well known for his short stories in game, which are more than often of the horror genre. Role

Agentdark, while farily new on the board, has somewhat taken on the role of psychopath, though Straha is probably several notches above him. In a short time Agentdark has become a fairly well known shared worlds player, and also is seen in the Post-1900 and ASB sections often.


Agentdark does his best to avoid political discussions, as his politics, a cross between right wing and anarchy, can be very inflammatory, and Agentdark also has a bit of a temper when it comes to politics, and reserves a special hatred for the United Nations, which he regards as a pact of corrupt fools. Politics

He is an MP and a member of the EVIL Party, plus is currently Special Operations Executive of responsible for the Secret Services.


  • Agent

In Fiction

In Wars, a character based on him appears as a cameo. He's the equivalent of the alien who got his arm cut off in the Cantina.

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