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South Africa

A particular place in AH-ology, as a lot of evil racists seem to come from the place (at least before 1994) it's one of the best places to make the enemy come from, mostly referred to as Draka. The popular view of South Africa appears to be summarised by the phrase “You can't come in here because you're BLICK!!” - coined by Thande's mate Alan. When informed by Thande that the catchphrase had spread all the way back to South Africa itself, Alan slightly overreacted and now claims to be single-handedly responsible for the end of apartheid.

On, our South African member, Marius, takes every opportunity to defend against misconceptions such as this, as well as speaking for African affairs as a whole against those who dismiss the place as a war-ridden backwater that would be better off under the Race or the Draka.

In addition to this, MrP has visited South Africa, and he even took a camera with him, with which he photographed a wedding, some scenery and some fauna at a marine park. P has relatives who used to live in the country, but they left some years ago - partly because of increasing crime and partly because that one of P's uncles is a wee bit of a racist twit.


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