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A long-standing member with a certain idiosyncratic manner of posting, which includes starting every sentence with “Consider” and underlining random words and phrases. Often sighted posting in DBWI with that particular style of writting. Has apparently changed his name to Mako-Chan, after a decade of using his old name.

Some of his notable contributions on the current site

  • Strange Days - A surreal but fairly serious 20th century ATL, diverging roughly in 1934.
  • 50 Years - Didn't originate the collaborative ATL, but was one of the more obvious co-creators.
  • 100 Years: The World Changes - Did actually start the collaborative ATL, popularized the format more.
  • 200 Years: The World Changes - See above, though it's yet to be finished yet.
  • The Luciferian Crusade - A dystopic ATL based on the idea of a real life “super terrorist” organization emerging in the Cold War, a la 1980s action and spy franchises.
  • Sixth World - A dystopic ASB ATL based on the Shadowrun series.
  • Saturday Morning Cartoon Funhouse hub - A series of different ATLs inspired by various popular action cartoons.
  • Broken Rooms hub - A series of different ATLs expanding on various scenarios from the obscure Broken Rooms RPG.
  • Fox Comics - Formed much of the basis for the ATL and shared universe.

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