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Blochead has been a member of since January 2006.


He has three timelines associated with the site:

The War of Mexican Intervention - A mostly Future History timeline starting with a more bloody Zapatista uprising in 1994.

The Franco-American War of 1798 - A timeline starting with Adams declaring war on France and Spain in 1798.

The third effort is involvement in Glen's timeline competition for a 1948-2007 TL starting with the election of Dewey in 1948.

Notable Things

Subject's note: I would rather not write too much here, as what makes me notable is based on other people's opinions, not mine. But I'll give it a shot.

Outside his timelines, Blochead is notable primarily for his pro-free market attitudes, a subject which most commonly arises in the Political Chat forum. Self-described as one who admires classical liberal philosophy, but is more centrist in the real world, he nevertheless is quite vocal about his misgivings towards populism and left wing economic policy, perhaps most memorably demonstrated in an argument with Ian about single-payer healthcare.

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