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Colour Schemes : Susanoism

Name given to a map scheme that arose in contrast to the Universal Colour Scheme. Has been named, to his surprise, for Susano, as he is considered this scheme's most outspoken proponent. Unlike UCS, Susanoism is no general map scheme, and only defined in contrast to it, as it differs in exactly one crucial point: The issue of colouring vs. outlining.

There is one point in the UCS that does incite more moderate debate now and then: The issue of outlining vs colouring. In the UCS, colouring means de facto, and outlining de jure control, though some people disagree with that. The alternative mode of outlining/colouring has been dubbed Susanoism, due to Susano being its most outspoken proponent, but to his own surprise.

In the UCS colouring means de facto, and outlining de jure control. Many say Susanoism is the reverse, but that is not exactly true. In fact, in Susanoism outlining means indirect (or suzerain, or nominal, or claimed) control, and colouring means direct (or sovereign, or de facto) control. This may be in UCS reversed: For example, if State A is a vassal of State B, then a Susanoist map will show A in the colour of A, outlined in the colour of B - whereas UCS would do it the other way round.

However, it can as well be the same as UCS: If, say, a revolutionary force has de facto control of a fixed part of A, than both UCS and Susanoism will show the territory of the revolution coloured, surrounded (and hence outlined) by A's colour. Likewise, if A claims a territory of B, and the map wants to indicate that, then both Susanoism and UCS will show the disputed territory in B's colour, outlined by A's colour.

Susanoism was only a difference in terms of which way round de jure and de facto should be shown in terms of outlining (the UCS Civil War actually relegated this to the past, (particularly after Susano was banned) with afterwards everyone using the UCS standard of outlining for de jure and colouring for de facto.). 09Camaro's Universal Colour Palette was eventually absorbed (sans Susanoist conventions) into Thande's original Universal Colour Scheme as part of the reforms after the Civil War, Russian Poll and proliferation of minor colour additions (this was due to many of the UCP's colours being used in the UCS by most people anyway, and then some others getting thrown in. Suffice to say it got messy).


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