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Max Sinister

A long-standing German member of the board, been around since the Old Board.

For some time, the only one (edit: not anymore - now, Glen can too) with any kind of moderator powers on the main forums, Max can move threads between forums to ensure that they stay on topic.

Max Sinister is the inventor of the code, and coined the term “Myriad Club” - like Millennium Club, just with more posts.

In November 2007, he decided to retire from, wanting to do spend more time about other things than, and thinking it's better to quit while it's still good and you don't suck yet. He still looked in about once per week. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

What he likes to see in AH: Enlightened rulers; scientific and technical progress; a more interesting map of the Americas (and Australia); surviving New World nations; adoptive rulers; Brazil; India; long TLs (> 25 years); rewriting history, big style.

Pet peeve: Doesn't like how Wikipedia nowadays is nicknamed “the genocide” on

Doesn't like homoendo, since he feels too much reminded of Beavis and Butthead and their obnoxious fans/RL counterparts. (To which either Kit or F. Nelson answered something along the line of “Yeah, I'm Cornholio!”)

Likes calling Thande “Mr. Anderson!”.

Among his favorite historians are Sebastian Haffner, Niall Ferguson and Adam Tooze.

He is an admin/bureaucrat at the Althist Fandom wiki (formerly Wikia). Sorry folks, but a wiki gives you possibilities a plain forum doesn't have. And a MediaWiki gives even more than this one, so sorry too.


Jaredia: Humanity on a tilted Earth

Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy - Completed.

The Chaos Timeline - Completed. Max's magnum opus, showcasing with great detail eight centuries of a world where Genghis Khan died early and never forged his continent-spanning (if short-lived) empire. The consequences for world history are massive.

How many Sixes does Adolf Nazi have to Roll? - About the eternal question of whether Nazi Germany could've won World War 2 in a half-way realistic way. Still not solved.


For his Chaos TL, he invented a whole new (fictional) rationalist philosophy called Veritism.

Max's political opinions

  • Against nazis, Stalinists/Maoists, theocracies, and other kinds of fanatics, but especially nazis
  • Pro-science, esp. interested in Artificial Intelligence and nanotechnology
  • Pro-ecology (not like PETA or ELF, though)
  • For a compromise between free market and social state (neither is good in the extreme)
  • Pro-republics, anti-monarchy (though Imajin and other members won't like that - sorry folks)
  • For liberal laws, a competent police is better against crime than harsh laws which can only be enforced against every tenth crime
  • Pacifist, brute force only as ultima ratio if at all, pro gun control
  • Anti-nationalist, pro-supranational organizations (provided they work, of course) Sainthood

In November 2007, he was nominated as Patron Saint of Unfortunate Thread Juxtapositions (UTJs). Reason: At this time, his Chaos TL was on top of the T&S forum, and its shortened title (Chaos TL - A world without…) is very useful for UTJs. Unfortunately, only together with threads from the Books & Media forum, which gave us lots of repetitions of UTJs of the form “Chaos TL - A world without… Map Thread III”. Unless one takes a UTJ from New Posts or Day's Posts .

Great Offices of

Was named Keeper of the Privy Sealion in May 2009 after pulling Sealion from Steffen's cold dead German zombie hands.

Discoverer of AH books

Typical Quotes

“In my Chaos TL…”

“After the election of two Roman kings at the same time in 1256, the HRE got splintered into some hundred political entities, which kept Germany divided for centuries.”

“In 1939, Germany was practically broke because Hitler had spent all the money for armaments and HAD to go to war, or declare bankruptcy. (And if it wasn't for the Austrian and Czech gold reserves, they'd already have to do so in 1938.)”

(Starting threads about obscure AH books) “Did anyone but me read this?”

In Fiction

He lent his name to the character Ixa'em in Chris' story “The Otherworld War”. He also appears as a villain in "I f***cking hate Grey Wolf!".

Max Sinister makes an appearance in the The Series episode “DON'T MENTION THE PORN” as part of the Germans. After appearing in later episodes, he was eventually killed by the Administratum of Bankind in the episode THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

Max and this Wiki

Has strong wiki-fu, which he uses in secretive ways, across the entire expanse of this great 'pedia. Although Petike some time later overtook him, never to look back. Nowadays however, Max prefers the ex-Wikia Althist Fandom wiki anway.

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