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The Old Board

The first incarnation of the Discussion Board, now existing as archive-only. It differed from the New Board in several details: For example, the default setting was that threads started with the most recent post (on top) to the initial post (on the bottom). Also, while the Old Board had user-names, it in fact displayed the real name, a fact that trapped most members.

It was originally possible to post on the board without registration, however on the 27th of August 2002, the Almighty Ian decreed that from now on registration would be required. This led to some people having different user-names than before, and these are also noted in the list where available. Of course, many veterans now still active hail from the Old Board.

Former Old Board members

(If you're from the Old Board and not on this list, add your name in alphabetical order!)

Those who joined since the Old Board ended (January 2004) treat it as a mythical place, and Thande has put forward a theory that it is in fact the Mirror Universe, based on the fact that Chris at the time said he 'was no good at writing long stories' and Landshark was pleasant and helpful.

Entering the Retirement Phase

On 18 December 2013, Ian removed the link to the Old Board's archive from, explaining: “The old board is getting to be a real pain to keep running. I think it's going to be time to retire it. It's actually gone down before for long periods of time with nobody noticing, but of course as soon as I deleted the link people noticed instantly,” and, “It's just a separate piece of very, very obsolete software that has to be messed with when I make changes to the server. It's a lot of hassle to maintain 60,000 posts (literally less than 1% the size of the current board), all over ten years old, in a format which is very difficult to browse or search, and which very few people ever look at anyway.

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