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It's a Royal Knockout

Timeline whose creation story is an interesting history in and by itself. Its idea was laid in a thread started by Nekromans, which first was about making Maria Theresia infertile to end the Habsburgs, and then about making her mother infertile (so as to cover also her sister Maria Anna). Susano added that this could be neatly combined with an avoided War of the Spanish Succession, and Nekromans added his longheld idea of a British-Prussian personal union. From there things hilariously spiralled out of control with contributions by those two and Douglas, Gonzaga and Thande until they reached the idea of a multiple succession war in seven countries. Hence, the timeline can also be referred to as “The War of All Successions” or “Succession Bukkake”.

However, the committee approach to writing that timeline failed, and hence Susano usurped it. Creating a new thread for it, he properly started the TL, and is currently its author.

The Timeline

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