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Polish Trolls

A group that is the intersection set of the banned members and the Polish members, in which all objects showed similar characteristics: They were conservative to the point of reactionism, ultranationalistic and virulently anti-German and anti-Russian. And most of all, they turned every thread with only the slightest bit of association to Poland into a topic decrying the suffering of Poland, or the evils of Germany and Russia/the USSR. HurganPL in particular was known to have deliberately searched all threads for mentions of Poland (even if in passing) so he could troll on them. Usually the Polish trolls clash most with Midgard (as representative of Russia) and Susano (so to say as representative of Germany).

List of Polish Trolls

Those trolls were:

  • Molobo, the original and most extreme Polish Troll, who liked to cite long Wikipedia articles he had written himself. AKA Obserwator.
  • HurganPL (Quote Max Sinister: “Hurga, Hurga!”), who reached new lows with his countless sockpuppets (including Datner, Korwar, Human297 and numerous others) with which he did not even try to hide his sockpuppeting anymore.
  • Borys, who was not a nationalist, but the most radical reactionary in the group, and who did not troll, but sent a PM to the Administrator asking whether he was a communist shithead. Not very clever.
  • Kadyet was of Polish descent, too, and like Datner supported Germany being forced out of the lands east of the Elbe. However, he was banned for his reactionary views, demanding John Kerry should be burned at the stake.

According to Kabraloth, the group of Polish Trolls on the net meeting these characteristics is even larger. He names the internet personality “Xx236” as further Polish Trolls. Fortunately, it seems so far that he has not yet make an appearance on

In Fiction

The PoleTrolls featured in the The Series episode CITATION NEEDED as the bad guys - in order to make up the numbers, Hurgan's and Molobo's sockpuppets were treated as separate individuals. They attempted to take over the WikiWorld but were stopped, appropriately enough, by The Germans.

Other Poles

It should not be forgotten, though that Poland on the whole also contributes with sensible and rational more statistically average posters to the board, foremost Otis Tarda, Magnificate, seraphim74 and many newer Polish members.

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