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House of O

The House of O is an ancient noble dynasty, going back to the days of Carthag O. After some really bad groan-inducing jokes of them started the Pun-ic wars when the Romans declared “We will have to kill you for that”, and the city was destroyed, they dispersed to all places on the planet. Ner O might or might not have been a member, but afterwards they were mainly knwon as soldiers and sailors, fighting valiantly at such places as Santiag O, Osl O, Port O, Toront O and Ciudad de Mexic O. They also were part of the ruling elite in the Inevitable Kingdom of Burgundy, the Disunited Kingdom of Germany, the Blandinate of United India, the Grandduchy of Cornwall and Bristol and the Empire of Ireland.

However, it was not untill Fellati O, himself a member of the House, came upon the board that a scholarly analysis of the House and its members could be made. Being known for always being very corretc and trutfhul in conversations, Fellati O already early on adressed other house members with their correct names, most prominently Robert O and Susan O. Susan O then started the analysis of the House, compiling a provisional list of current House

The House is currently known to have the following members:

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