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Ridwan Asher

Ridwan Asher is our most prominent member from Indonesia. He was also our only Indonesian member for a while, but this is no longer the case since Slamet and Neja joined. He is well-known for speaking up against clichés about Indonesia. Despite of that, he has been thought by others as also enthusiastically embraced the idea of turning Australia into an Indonesian colony known as “the Boat People Caliphate”, to the contrast of the reality that he is very discontented with the said cliche. OTOH, he himself is a fan of the Buginese sailors, which in OTL did sail to and make settlements in the northern coasts of Australia, that was called as Marege by the Buginese.

He is also one of the board's foremost Ottoman-philes and almost all his maps feature a more successful Ottoman Empire, which usually runs Aceh as a colony for some reason.

He was formerly known as Xenophobo-phobic guy, and due to this unwieldy nick, everyone called him Xeno. Changed his name into R. I. Alsidecias until recently changing it to Ridwan Asher. Some people still call him Xeno, however. :-)


He is heavily involved in mapmaking, especially the Universal Colour Scheme.

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