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2017 Turtledove Awards Winners

The Turtledove Awards for 2016 were held in January and February 2017.

This year saw the second move of managerial responsibilites in the awards' history, being the first year since 2008 when Glen didn't oversee the awards. SargentHawk was appointed the new caretaker after a discussion on the subject, and took to the role with gusto.

This year saw only minor changes to the established system. Most of them tweaks to make the rules less ambiguous and fairer, but the main changes consisted of new additions. Most of them were old-new, though, as several categories not used or thinned down in 2016 had made a slightly revamped comeback.

To honour two of our deceased members, SergeantHeretic and Kaiser K, two categories received official secondary names, based on the favourite AH fiction activities of the deceased members.

The only completely new categories in 2017 was the Best Election Game award and the Newcomer Award. The former expands the until-now three-category awards for Shared Worlds game genres. The latter is a smaller personal award akin to the Outstanding Achievements Award, but instead of veteran members, it is awarded to members who joined the board only recently (ca 1,5 years back), but have already left a good creative mark on

I. General Alternate History Timelines

(Timelines from the Pre-1900 and Post-1900 forums.)

Best Ancient Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
Historia Arturii Aureliani - A King Arthur Advent TL by Tom Colton - award plaque
Of Satraps and Kings by SlyDessertFox - award plaque

Best Medieval Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
A Land Fertile in Tyrants by Uhura's Mazda - award plaque

Best Early Modern Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
The Sons of Inti Shall Not Perish by King of the Uzbeks - award plaque

Best Colonialism and Revolutions Era Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
Lone Star Republic by Kaiser Chris - award plaque

Best Early 20th Century Timeline (“After 1900” Forum)
"Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist ? by The Red - award plaque

Best Cold War Timeline (“After 1900” Forum)
Twilight of the Red Tsar by Napoleon IV - award plaque

Best Finished Timeline (“Finished Timelines & Scenarios” Forum)
The Falcon Cannot Hear: The Second American Civil War 1937-1944 by Ephraim Ben Raphael - award plaque

II. Future History/Science Fiction/Fantastical Timelines

(Timelines from the Future History and Alien Space Bats forums.)

Best Future History Timeline
Diamond in the Dark (Endeavor Series, Volume II) by AndyC - award plaque

Best Original Alien Space Bats Timeline (The SergeantHeretic Award)
'Tis But a Scratch: A Nicholas II SI by Drunkrobot - award plaque

Best Based on Fiction Alien Space Bats Timeline
Purple Days (ASOIAF) (AU) by baurus - award plaque

III. Stories, Short Timelines and Flash Timelines

(Stories from the Writer's Forum and short-format timelines from various forums.)

Writer's Forum Story
Fight To The Finish - World War Three, Round Two by jimmygreen2002 - award plaque

TLIAW: Not An English Word by Thande - award plaque

Make America Stand Again by Meadow and Lord Roem - award plaque

IV. Shared Worlds Games

(Projects from the Shared Worlds forum.)

Best Shared Worlds Map Game
Historiae Mutetur by Lascupa0788 et al - award plaque

Best Shared Worlds Nation and Modded Game (The Kaiser K Award)
Divide Et Impera/Vae Vitis III by Dragos Cel Mare et al - award plaque

Best Shared Worlds Election Game
Where the World Will Lead by Techdread, Komodo, jpj1421, Statesman et al - award plaque

Best Shared Worlds RPG
Fortresses Over Europe: A "B-17 Queen of the Skies" Playthrough by Usili et al - award plaque

V. Alternate History Artwork

VI. Alternate History Features

VIII. Personal Awards

The Newcomer Award
Beata Beatrix - award plaque

Robert P. Perkins Award for Outstanding Contributions to Alternate History
Lord Roem - award plaque

2017 Turtledove Award Suggestions for future Nominations - Thread for preliminary listing of ideas for the 2017 award nominations. Not for proper nominations, please see the nominations directory thread and its list of nominations threads instead.

2017 Turtledove Awards Introduction - A general look at the minor changes and additions effective from this contest year onward.

2017 Turtledove Awards Chat and Clarification (The Lounge) - The main discussion thread for the awards. Do not post nominations, seconds or corrections of the previous two things in this thread. There are separate threads for that (see below).

2017 Turtledove Awards Nominations Directory - Rather than a single nomination thread, this contest year introduces several nomination threads, all linked to from this single directory (similar to the voting thread directory that comes later).

2017 Turtledove Awards Poll Directory - Single directory collecting all voting polls.

2017 Turtledove Awards Winner Announcements, Acceptances, & Congratulations - The general thread for the results of this year's awards.

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