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2016 Turtledove Awards Winners

The Turtledove Awards for 2015 were held in February 2016.

This year of the Turtledoves would see many changes to the previously established structure of the awards. Glen and several others felt that the structure of the awards had gotten far too complex and far too bloated in recent years and a simplification of all the categories was seriously needed.

As seen in this thread, the number of categories would be cut down to “Before 1900”, “After 1900”, “Finished Timeline”, “Map”, “Flag”, “Artwork/Graphic”, “Writer's Forum Story”, “Future History”, “Alien Space Bats”, “Shared Worlds”, “TLIA*”, “Vignette”, “Character”, “Quote” and “Outstanding Contributions” (i.e. the Perkins Award).

The already existing rule of no self-nominations was kept, and the rules were further expanded by disallowing more than one nomination per category, and requiring every nomination to receive a second nomination from another voter before being approved for the final voting poll. This is intended to better streamline the pool of nominations and make it a bit fairer.

On the 17th, Glen additionally decided that a split will be needed for the ASB timeline category, reflecting whether the timeline was an entirely original work or based on existing works of fiction. Somewhat later, a similar decision was also made for the Pre-1900 and Post-1900 timelines, splitting them into two more subcategories.

No changes were made to the award plaque artwork.

I. General Alternate History Timelines

(Timelines from the Pre-1900 and Post-1900 forums.)

Best Pre-Columbian Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
The Rise of the White Huns by Practical Lobster - award plaque

Best Post-Columbian Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
A Glorious Union or America: The New Sparta by TheKnightIrish - award plaque

Best Pre-1960 Timeline (“After 1900” Forum)
Decisive Darkness: What if Japan hadn't surrendered in 1945? by The Red - award plaque

Best Post-1960 Timeline (“After 1900” Forum)
That Wacky Redhead by Brainbin - award plaque

Best Finished Timeline (“Finished Timelines & Scenarios” Forum)
Look to the West by Thande - award plaque

II. Future History/Science Fiction/Fantastical Timelines

(Timelines from the Future History and Alien Space Bats forums.)

Best Future History Timeline
The End and Afterwards by AndyC - award plaque

Best Original Alien Space Bats Timeline
And They Shall Reap the Whirlwind by Sbiper - award plaque

Best Based on Fiction Alien Space Bats Timeline
HBO WI: Joffrey from Game of Thrones replaced with Octavian from Rome (Version II) by Hotpoint - award plaque

III. Stories, Short Timelines and Flash Timelines

(Stories from the Writer's Forum and short-format timelines from various forums.)

Writer's Forum Story
Lions Will Fight Bears : Britain in World War Three, Spring 1988 by jimmygreen2002 - award plaque

The Unreformed Kingdom by Thande - award plaque

The Fear of God by Meadow - award plaque

IV. Shared Worlds Games

(Projects from the Shared Worlds forums.)

Best Shared Worlds Game/Project
Keys Series : Why Yes, the Watergate Is A Lovely Hotel by jpj142 - award plaque

V. Alternate History Artwork

VI. Alternate History Features

VIII. Superlative Awards

Robert P. Perkins Award for Outstanding Contributions to Alternate History
Meadow - award plaque

2016 Turtledove Awards Introduction - A look at the rule changes and additions effective from this contest year onward.

2016 Turtledove Awards Chat - The main discussion thread for the awards. Do not post nominations, seconds or corrections of the previous two things in this thread. There are separate threads for that (see below).

2016 Turtledove Awards Nominations Directory - Rather than a single nomination thread, this contest year introduces several nomination threads, all linked to from this single directory (similar to the voting thread directory that comes later).

2016 Turtledove Awards Poll Directory - Single directory collecting all voting polls.

2016 Turtledove Awards Winner Announcements, Acceptances, & Congratulations - The general thread for the results of this year's awards.

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