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Ephraim Ben Raphael

An American member who joined the site in 2009. Since then he has authored a number of timelines and stories, successfully marking a few of the later. As one of the site's few surviving Zionists he avoids banning by the simple approach of staying away from Israel threads.

One of The Extraordinaires, specifically “Super Writer Extraordinaire”.

Was banned on June 4, 2021.



Zion Lies West - His longest timeline.

A Wrench in the Works - Timeline that is now on temporary hiatus.

The Mount of Olives

The Falcon Cannot Hear - A scary good timeline that outlines a plauseable ACW 2 that emerges from a worse Great Depression

An Examination of Extra-Universal Systems of Government - An Intresting take in the various different kinds of government that migh emerge. Has both dystopias and Utopias.

Invictus - The Oldest Gods, who are neither Lovecraftian nor Greek, awaken during the Russian Civil War. Craziness ensues.


Operation Sealion: A Short Film - An alternate history short film about Nazi Germany attempting to carry out the infamous invasion plan against the UK, but actually failing in the process, due to how outstretched and badly handled its logistics were for the whole invasion.

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