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Dragos Cel Mare

A board member from the Philippines. He joined in December 2011.

CalBear banned him in April 2017, for repeated arguing with others (often in SW) and insults. Prior to the ban, DCM had amassed nine such exact infractions, leading the mod to conclude that he's unwilling to learn from his mistakes and change his behaviour.

Despite that, Dragos Cel Mare apparently apologised and was let back in at some point. However, in late July 2017, he was banned by Ian for throwing insults at a large number of AH.commers.

Around the same time, albeit slightly before, he always caused considerable scandal by sending threatening messages to other NG players off the board. As this took place off board he was never actioned for it but he was soon permabanned anyway.

Shared Worlds projects

Active in Shared Worlds' RPs and Nation Games. In the latter, will often play his home nation.

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