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Kaiser K

Formerly Ms. Abby (2010-2011), Unholy Mistress (2011-2012), MissWhatsittoya (2012-2013), and then MsWhatsittoya (2013-2014).

Kaiser K (November 25, 1997 - February 13, 2016) was an 18 year old American member from the U.S. state of Florida who joined in 2010 under the username “Ms. Abby” (having gone through several names and two accounts since then). she was been a active board member since her joining; and came to be very active in many different sub-forums and discussions.

Was thought to be female until 2013 when she admitted to being a teenage boy who had been passing off as female, as it would later turn out however, she actually was female all along; as she later came out as transgender in 2015.


Her favorite historical subjects and eras included Germany (big surprise), her home country, the United States, both of the World Wars, the Cold War, and modern day politics.

She was originally best known for being a frequent participant in the Shared World Forum, where she mostly participates in the subforum of Nation Games, she mainly frequented Chat later on; including discussions about the Middle East Wars and the United States.


Her Most Notable work was her “Reverse Cold War” Timeline, detailing a world where after McKinley is not assassinated in 1901, leads to a Central Powers victory in World War I, then an alternate World War II, an Axis lead by France, Austria-Hungary and Italy, against the German Empire, Russia, the Union of American Socialist Republics (the analogue of the USSR), the timeline is at the end of the 1990s; the TL is also notable for avoiding the Uninvadable Super-Duper Switzerland cliche, as Switzerland is invaded in 1943.

Also had another Cold War based timeline known as “ A Valkyrie Rises over Europe”, detailing a German victory in the Second World War, and the ensuing Cold War that develops between the Democratic Powers of the West and the Reich.

She was also known for many nation games and roleplays in Shared Worlds, including the Reverse Cold War, which spawned a 1960's literation (the most successful), a 1950s literation, and a '30s one, and a '90s one which picked up off the 60's one, ran by Saint007.

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Kaiser K, a crew member of the MES-2 Uchronia from Enterprise, is based on her.


Kaiser K's appendix ruptured, causing septic shock, leading to her death on 13 February 2016. She will be remembered by the board.

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