"Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

'But the civilised human spirit, whether one calls it bourgeois or merely leaves it at civilised, cannot get rid of a feeling of the uncanny.'

~ Dr Faustus, Thomas Mann

‘The world is one of an ever present struggle, our struggle.

The German nation stands at a precipice, the working class stare down towards the pit, and as always the bourgeois industrialists threaten us with hell if we do not comply to their ever increasing demands. When we rise, they use the state organs of violence, their thugs in the police and the army, to crush our protests. It is a regime of oppression that continues to stumble between crises with seemingly no end in sight, exploiting each one to increase their dominance over the proletariat.

It is in this spirit that I write this work on the war being waged against the German worker, and how we must all fight back.The workers have grown in strength for over a century and the time is coming when they shall exercise their power.

The German proletariat cries out for power to be wrenched from the timid and feckless bourgeoisie, as is their right. Such is the role of the Communist Party. There are forces designed to impede the triumphant advance of the German worker that has been built on the popular uprisings at the end of the great imperialist slaughter. If we do not identify and eliminate these class enemies, they will bring our chariot of fate to a standstill just as it seems ready to reach its goal.

It is evident that our movement can gain the public significance and support which are necessary pre-requisites in this struggle of the classes, though only with a sacrosanct conviction in the hearts of its followers. There is no alternative in bringing about the great awakening of the German proletariat. This is not a case of introducing a new electoral slogan into the political field, our views are consistent, our justification immortal.

We must succeed, and we will.

The future demands it.’

~ Preamble to Our Struggle, Adolf Hitler

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Will Hitler become the "People's Fuhrer" or "Volksfuhrer"? Also, would he be purging the military when he seizes power and replacing the dead (Prussian) officers with good communist officers?
Interesting. I tend to assume Hitler would have gone further as a Strasserist than as a Communist. Of course, Strasser might have been a Communist ITTL, who knows. Let's see how this pans out.


I'd almost call Red Germany a tired old concept. But with The Red writing this and the use of Hitler as a crux for the Drama I expect this to be a fantastic read that will breath new life into the broader concept.