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Sergeant Heretic

A now unfortunately deceased board member. Her name was Joanne Faulkner, and she hailed from Dothan, Alabama.

She joined in March 2012 and racked up about 16,000 posts. Joanne have had started a few TLs and had contributed a number of thought-provoking and interesting discussion threads to the board during her short time here; one has even inspired (even if not directly so, still counts.) a certain fellow member to start working on a long-shelved idea of his.

She passed away on March 8, 2015. The sad news was broken to AH.commers on the 10th March by Ian. A memorial thread in Joanne's honour was set up and people gave their heartfelt condolences.

Since the 2017 Turtledove Awards, the “Best Original ASB Award” has also carried the name “The SergeantHeretic Award”, in memory of SH's avid writing and participating in original ASB and ISOT scenarios and stories during her time on the board.


Her first timeline was an ISOT one, Men of Rome Forward to the Middle Ages. Started in April 2012, Joanne soon passed the idea and the TL to Swordman, due to his ideas and eagerness of working on it further. She still regularly visited and commented on the ongoing timeline and story developments during the following months.

Also author of the popular The I.S.O.T.ed house: One Woman goes from 2012 to 1952 TL in the ASB forums. As of Sep. 15, 2013, it has racked up over 4,500 posts.

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