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King of the Uzbeks

King of the Uzbeks is actually from Ohio and is, according to his own account, “aware that all Americans are idiots”. He is Liberal in the American sense. Rightful King of Uzbekistan. Will donate minimum of 20¢ to any campaign that pledges to help him establish himself as King.

King of the *facepalm* and king-of-Uzbekistan-in-exile. Frequent in the ASB, SW and FH forums. Die-hard Francophille. Self Proclaimed Chester A. Arthur apologist.


He likes writing sport-themed timelines (especially football ones), making him perhaps the most prolific short sports timeline writer on the entire board. Note that he has yet to complete a timeline.

The Miracle Men of Montevideo - 1930s POD.

It's Time For Africa! : A Football/Soccer TILIAD - Set during the 2010 World Cup.

But he also writes different timelines:

Hearts of Darkness: A TLIAW - A timeline about the Second Congo War. DEAD

Gilded Dreams - A timeline chronicling how the world might have changed if Chester A. Arthur had been in better health and run for reelection in his own right. DEAD, SOON TO BE REBOOTED

Jackasses in a Hailstorm - Lyndon Johnson decides not to run in his own right in 1964. Hijinks ensue. Currently in 1976.

In Fiction

The eponymous character of King of the Uzbeks, a crew member of the MES-1 Allohistory from Enterprise, is based on him.

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