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French timelines and scenarios

France-centric TLs

TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • Decades of Darkness by Jared - The Empire/Kingdom/Republic of France.
  • The Chaos TL by Max Sinister - France first rose to become strongest western European power, became an absolutist kingdom, later a republic after the dynasty died out, later declined and was divided between New Rome and Germany, but later returned as a strong part of the Socialist Block.
  • Fight and Be Right by EdT - France undergoes various dramatic changes within its politics, mostly withdraws from the larger conflicts and eventually settles on being a liberal republic during the 1930s, electing a certain Italian-descended Alphonse Capone as its president and building a Trans-Saharan Railway in its North African colonies.
  • The Time of Crows by Othyrsyde - Due to the horrifying spread and aftermath of the Reaping Plague, the French monarchy undergoes a rather different (and possbily even more sinister) French Revolution than in OTL.
  • Better Weather Less Revolutionary Bloodshed More Indigestions - An Alternate History of the Kingdom of Hawaii by Petike - Among other things, the analogue of the French Revolution comes a few years earlier and takes on a more peaceful tone, with France remaining a monarchy, but with constitutional reforms and the Bourbons left as pure figureheads (á la the British monarchy). Due to less turmoil in the late 18th and early 19th century, France manages to continue building a vast overseas colonial empire, avoiding the decades-long setbacks it suffered in OTL. One of their most prized overseas colonies in the Pacific are the Southern/French Sandwich Islands (the southern half of the OTL Hawaiian Islands).
  • Protect and Survive by Macragge1 - Heavily devastated by The Exchange (particularly in its northern regions), parts of France still survive after the war. The country's provisional post-war government (mostly set up on a few ships of the French navy sailing in the Atlantic) manages to contact its counterpart in the United Kingdom fairly quickly after the war.
  • King Theodore's Corsica by Carp - The timeline focuses on Corsica (a part of modern France), but France also plays a role.
  • Know of any other timelines set here ? ;-) Feel free to add them ! :-)

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