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The Strangerverse

The Strangerverse is a collection of timelines of the ASB variety. It was created by Big Tex, and served as the setting for his timeline United States of Ameriwank. It has since spawned several spinoffs - see the full list at the bottom of the page.

Basic premise

All Strangerverse stories and timelines are set in a shared universe of sorts, and have one factor in common: The arrival of the Stranger at various points in history. The Stranger is a mysterious time traveler from the year 2258, and has come back to prevent a terrible war that will destroy the world. To accomplish this goal, the Stranger provides a historical figure with various tools. These are listed below. Following his first appearence in United States of Ameriwank, most of his appearances to other historic figures have mainly been attributed to a malfunctioning wormhole generator.

A different variation of the Strangerverse has been employed in Leibniz uber Alles, with a “Project Enrichment” to explore the effects of the Stranger's Interference. It remains to be seen if this can be considered Canon or not: This editor, for one, hopes so. Because, er, he made it.

The Stranger's Tools

The Stranger almost always gives his target futuristic technology to accomplish his goals, as well as an explanation of what they are. The only Strangerverse timeline to break the mold thus far is The Golden Touch, in which the Stranger is forced to return before delivering the tools or explaining them. Tools that have so far been seen are:

  • The Rings, which can influence the minds of men (All incarnations)
  • The Plates, which can create any element known to man (All incarnations)
  • The Teleporter, which is self-explanatory (All incarnations except Persiawank)
  • The Communicator (All incarnations)
  • The Historical Database (various)

Major Contributors to the Strangerverse

  1. Big Tex, author of United States of Ameriwank and creator of the Strangerverse. Tex did not originally intend to create such a popular topic, despite it blossoming into just that
  2. David bar Elias, author of Ultimate Israel, famous among his readers for creating possibly the most improbable wank (Jewishwank)
  3. godsown1991, a long-time contributor to United States of Ameriwank, who first named the Stranger and created the first versions of several Strangerverse pages.
  4. Wolf, who first coined the term “Strangerverse”.
  5. Freizeit, author of the (yet to be finished) Kenyawank TL

See Also

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