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Better Weather, Less Revolutionary Bloodshed, More Indigestions: An Alternate History of the Kingdom of Hawaii

A short TL (with an overly long title) about an alternate unification of the Hawaiian Islands into a native monarchy, written by Petike.


What if the Hawaiian islands were kept without European intrusion for a few more years and Kamehameha the Great died too soon to unite them into a single native monarchy?

Origins and development

Formerly just a short backstory for a flag entered in round 65 of the Weekly Flag Challenge, it very quickly got expanded, resulting in this fairly plausible mini TL. The author decided to give it a chance due to the noted lack of Polynesian-centered TLs and the small number of TLs based on non-European and non-American 18th century PODs. Future plans for the TL include a far more detailed remake, a MkII version, if you will. Until then, some additional media (a few more flags and maps) will gradually be posted in the TL's thread.


  • A diarrhea-related POD!
  • A Hungarian-born gunrunner in the Pacific!
  • Balkanized Hawaiian Islands!
  • Badass Kanaki paddle duels!
  • A rather different series of revolutions!
  • Snazzy mahioles and cunning scions!
  • Subverted Britwank and Ameriwank!
  • Democratised ancien regime, Bourbons with fezes (fezes are cool)!
  • Battleships sinking in Pearl Harbour… in 1901!
  • A republican Japan and Tonga!
  • Russians and Americans as best buds!
  • French Pitcairn Islands (now 100 % HMS Bounty-free)!
  • POTUS with a Welsh surname!
  • Benthamite nanny state authoritarians!
  • Americans lovin' rally racing!
  • And much more!


If yes, then read it here.

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