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Pour le coeur

“For the Heart”, a timeline about an improved early 20th century French military in an alternate WWI, created by MrP. P himself has described it as 'people will think it's a French-wank, but it isn't - it's just that they had so many things go against them in OTL'.

Noted for being written in the style of quotations, usually excerpts from newspapers.

Also noted for being advertised in P's signature with bastardised Fast Show quotes, such as “Writing a WW1 TL is very much like making love to a beautiful woman” and “Me? The 13th Duke of P? Write a TL? With my reputation?” “Do you like cheese? Do you like peas? If so, you'll love new Pour le coeur.”

PlC is noteworthy because, each time it updates, the laws of physics break down a little more. This is especially noticeable in that the BBC start producing science articles that make sense.

It is on the forum here, as a chapter guide below, and now also available directly on the wiki.





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