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Cliveless World

A biopunky timeline with an 18th century POD by Tony Jones.

Robert Clive successfully shoots himself. The French dominate India, while Britain moves closer to Prussia, eventually forming 'the Union', which keeps some of its American colonies but remains a second rank power behind France. Other nations of notice include the Northern System (Russia and its allies), Sweden (the first nation to gain the atomic bomb in TTL's late 20th century), the Dutch Empire, Zululand (a very technologically advanced nation), the Ottoman Socialist Ummah, and two Jewish states (one in Texas and the other on Madagascar). Cliveless World includes the development of the ideology of Panopticonism, which is essentially a much earlier development of the surveillance society. In addition, medical and agricultural science is in advance of OTL and the world population is 10 billion by 2000.

You can read this timeline here, at Tony's AH website.

AH.commer contributions

Some AH.commers have created spinoff stories utilising this particular setting. Here's a brief list of them, some over at Tony's site, some at

David Bar Elias created Oh Blast - Cliveless World in Puritan World, a novella about a crossover of this setting with another of Tony's timelines, Puritan World. You can read the novella here, as part of Tony's Cliveless World site.

Naivete Cannot Be Afforded: ISOTs to Clive-Less World by manofsteelwool - Read the original 2009 draft here or the new and current 2011-2013 draft here.

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