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Pax Napoleonica

A.k.a. “Napoleon's Victory” or “Pax Gallica”. Written by Zach.

You can read the timeline and its discussion here or on its purpose-made official blog here. Alternatively, you can use the chapter guide available below.

Premise and PoD

What if in 1807, the French invasion of Portugal is a tremendous success partly due to Spanish aid? The PoD of Pax Napoleonica is Napoleon's decision not to invade Spain. There is no Peninsular Campaign and in fact, France and Spain sign a treaty of friendship on the Third of May, 1808 (a reference to a famous Goya painting of the same title). With Iberia allied to France, Europe is under the control of Napoleon I. This leads to a very different outcome of the Napoleonic Wars… The timeline has currently reached the early-to-mid 1970s.


The World from 1807 to 1860

The United States from 1840 to 1865

The Americas from 1865 to 1900

Europe from 1860 to 1900

The Great War (1900-1904) and the Russian Civil War (1904-1912)

The Americas from 1880 to 1920

The Interwar World (1905-1935)

The Second Great War (1935-1942)

The Post-war World (1942-1990s)


The timeline won the 2009 Turtledove Awards in the “Best 19th Century Timeline” category.

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