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France is a country in Western Europe, neighbouring Germany, and across the Channel from the United Kingdom.

In OTL, France is a nation-state of modern Europe. France's long and lively history (which includes empire destruction, empire building, revolution, century-long warfare, religious conflict, invasion, world war, and colonialism, among other things) means it is rife with PODs, although on it tends to play a supporting role in many timelines dealing with the European world.

As we all know from FH cliches, running jokes and the seriously held beliefs of some rightwingers on the forum, France will be the first European country to fall to the Inevitablid Caliphate due to rioting by Algerian-descended youths. Even though those riots have never been religious motivated. But that's just a detail.

In Alternate History, France is usually doing very well (if it is no “Germany wins WW1/WW2” scenario), be it under the Sun King Louis XIV., as revolutionary France, or under “Emperor” Napoleon Bonaparte.

Being a country that successfully fought every other country in Europe to a standstill in the War of the Grand Alliance, conquered most of Europe in the Napoleonic Wars, kicked al-Qaeda ass in Mali as well as smashing the English in the lorgest war in human history, and generally kicked arse in between, naturally France nowadays is synonymous with cowardice and military ineptitude in popular culture. Wait, what?!

French overseas territories:


And the banned French members:

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