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Chaos TL: A world without Genghis Khan's conquests

A big, finished TL by Max Sinister starting with Genghis Khan's early death in 1200 and ending in the year 1993, it covers events world-wide, although it's still a bit Europe-centric, admittedly.

Its name comes from the Chaos theory-related Butterfly Effect which slowly spreads through Eurasia and later the rest of the world. Well, partly that; partly because I wanted to create an antagonist for a GURPS Infinite Earths setting, which should be different than the Centrum TL which I find somewhat improbable; partly because in the second half of the 20th century many areas in the Third World fall into, yes, chaos; and partly because I had no better idea for a name.

The idea for it was around since the time of the Old Board. However, it took as long as spring 2006 until the TL found its way into the 'net. In August 2007, more than one year later, it was finished.

In retrospect, it seems like a bad omen that a lot of people who commented on it have been banned. Seriously, their list reads like a Who's Who excerpt from the “Hall of Infamy”: Faeelin, Darkest, Constantinople, Stalker, Alcuin, Hendryk, Straha/Poison Frog, HelloLegend, Keenir, Superdude, Aozhouhuaren, maverick, Typo… so be careful if you want to comment on it.


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