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The Land of Wine and Beer : A Franco-Burgundian Timeline

A French timeline with a late medieval POD, created by DracoLazarus. You can read it here.


The idea behind The Land of Wine and Beer was to let France catch a break, since hardly had France pulled out of the HYW that the Burgundian inheritance curbed most, if not all, its possibilities of expansion towards the Holy Roman Empire, which was then followed by 125 years of being screwed all over the place. Instead, France is being wanked for 25 years before being left to history's natural course.
The POD is therefore that in 1470 the disastrous treaty of Péronne isn't annulled by the King of France, Louis XI the Spider. Therefore, Burgundy remains a vassal of France (the breaking provisions of Péronne basically freed Burgundy of its dues to France), and keeps the relation between Louis XI and Charles the Bold at a correct level.
The second POD is that, due to this, the Burgundians after being rebuffed by the Emperor are able to turn towards France, leading to the Treaty of Reims on the dealings with the inheritance of the House of Valois-Anjou.


The characters that appear are detailed here and here.


Better relations between France and Burgundy, and the treaty of Reims, make France intervene differently in the Castillan Civil War, instead declaring war on Aragon over Catalonia. France wins handily with a battle at l'Escale and a siege of Barcelona. Meanwhile, the Castillan Civil War is won by the Juanistas, the partisans of Juana de Castilla, daughter of the previous King of Castille.
However, during his invasion of Lorraine, Charles the Bold dies in street fighting in Nancy. This triggers a nasty Burgundian inheritance war, since Marie de Bourgogne married Maximilian von Habsburg against her father's will, leaving the Burgundian lands in both France and the HRE legally French. The Coalition of Lorraine, Tyrol and Switzerland butt in over the question of whether Lorraine and the Sundgau are legally part of the Burgundian Inheritance, and the English seize the occasion to restart the French Succession War.
After France annexes Lorraine and Sundgau after an extremely bloody battle against the coalition at Colmar, inherits Provence in the winter of 1480, it defeats the English, trading Calaisis for Zeeland (killing Richard III and Henry Tudor on their way) and annexes the Burgundian Netherlands to France, the Principality of Burgundy (including Franche-Comté) becoming an egnatic apanage. Louis the Spider dies with a much larger France, and a son less stupid than OTL (due to a better education). Charles VIII is married to Isabella of Aragon, which is smarter than him, and can thus handle the kingdom for him. He still has the power to turn Louis of Orléans's failed invasion of the Duchy of Milan into a success, the First Italian War, and to fund the Corsican Christopher Colombus's expedition from Brest to alt-New York in 1491. 1491 just ended, and the Second Italian War, over the Kingdom of Naples, is about to start…

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