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Points of Divergence : Different Discovery and Colonization of the Americas

Obviously, the discovery of two whole new continents changed our history immensely. America's discovery changed the whole world, and led Europe out of the Middle Ages, coupled with the Renaissance. After the discovery of the New World, Spain and Portugal dominated the continents for a century and a half before several other European powers joined in. The colonization era ultimately decided which countries would excell and which would be lost to history. AH fans often wonder what history would be like if America was discovered earlier, later, and by somebody other than the Spanish. The following links concern discussion about a Different Discovery and Colonization of the Americas.

"Empty Americas" PODs

Discusson on an empty America - soc.history.what-if's Empty America TL is mentioned and discussed, along with the “climatic versus human influence” theory of North American megafauna extinction.

WI: Native Americans never crossed over from Asia

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Ancient Pre-Columbian PODs

Medieval pre-Columbian PODs

Ideas about more developed medieval era Amerindian civilizations

Why didn't urban Native American cultures move particularly far north ?

Challenge: American natives technologically even with Europeans by the 15th century AD

WI the Greenlandic Norse adapt and adopt Inuit culture ?

Vikings discover and fully colonize America

Vikings of America

Keeping Vinland settled

Surviving Vinland colony ideas (1)

Surviving Vinland colony ideas (2)

Plausibility check: How far could a Vinland colony grow ?

The long-term geo-political consequences of Vinland's survival ?

Plausibility check: Vinland not only growing, but eventually becoming a superpower

DBWI: No Vinland

WI European diseases spread to the New World during the Dark Ages ?

WI: The Vinland Pandemic

WI: The Knights Templar colonizing North America (like according to some legends)

WI every wacky "pre-Columbian colonisation" scenario was true ?

Challenge: Colonization of America in the 1100s/1200s

WI Mali discovers America ?

Plausibility check: Abubakri II (Abu Bakr II) of Mali arrives in South America

Mongols in the Americas

Cuisine and foods of a Japanese/Korean/Chinese colonized west coast of North America ?

Discussion of whether colonization styles were based more off the times than the nations

Could the Americas have been settled by the Europeans in the Middle Ages (11th century onward) ?

Colonization of the Americas by one European power - Discussion mostly on how to achieve a united Europe for such a goal.

America discovered by an already industrial Europe

Alternate North American colonizers ?

Plausibility check: America not discovered for another 500 years ?

Plausibility check: European colonization of the Americas runs into problems

Germans discover America - Discusses how an expedition might be funded.

Plausibility check: Order states in the Americas ?

What if a city state discovers the New World ?

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Post-Columbian PODs

See Also

Scramble for Africa PODs

Colonizing America is Hard - Discussion on plausibility problems with earlier or more easily succesful colonisation efforts in the Americas.

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