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Points of Divergence : Alternate Colonization

Points of divergence dealing with alternate developments of colonisation, colonies and colonialism. The following POD lists are all arranged as chronologically as possible.

Thematic Topics

Various Topics

Plausibility check: Europe overran by Asiatic steppe peoples

WI: No Indoeuropeans in Europe (1)

WI: No Indoeuropeans in Europe (2)

The Indo-Europeans of North Africa

Challenge: Indo-European Arabia

Would history still be recognizable if there were no Indoeuropeans ?

WI: Polynesia never settled by humans in prehistory and antiquity

WI: No Polynesian expansion

Hindu Polynesia

Minoans colonize the entire Mediterranean

Weirdest plausible European migrations ?

Mycenaean/Dorian migration extremes

WI: Mycenean Colonies in Britain

Black majority state in Europe

Ancient Greeks in Ukraine

WI Ancient Greeks colonize the southern coasts and inlands of Russia ?

Alexandrian China

Roman and/or Greek Colonization of Macaronesia during Classical Antiquity

WI: Larger distribution of Basque/Aquitanian/Vasconic peoples

Balts become dominant in Eastern Europe instead of the Slavs

Challenge: Baltic Britain

Plausibility check: A large Panslavist state (rivaling that of the Han Chinese) by the 20th century ?

WI: Huns earlier in Europe

WI the Hunnic Empire stays unified ?

Challenge: Make Europe as Germanic as possible

Challenge: Make the Goths more succesful

Surviving Alans

Challenge: Other ethnicities "survive" like the Jewish people

Challenge: Latin-speaking Germany

Pre-Columbian New World naval powers: When, who, where, and how ?

Challenge: Pre-Columbian discovery of the Old World by the Native Americans

Central European kingdom with a non-Indoeuropean language and ruling ethnicity (other than Hungary)

In regards to Slavic migrations

Challenge: Slavic Germany

Challenge: Slavic Jutland or Britain

Challenge: Slavic France

Challenge: Slavic domination of the Euarasian steppe

Challenge: Survival of Slavic peoples around the Elbe until the present

Bolgars don't stick around in the Balkans

The Magyars of the Po

Challenge: Have a Muslim power participate in the Age of Exploration

WI: Malagasy discover the Mascarenes and the Kerguelen Islands

A potential Romani/Gypsy homeland ?

Challenge: Romani state

Europe without Roma

WI England never lost America, Portugal never lost Brazil, etc.

How many (particularly non-insular) colonies could stay in colonial hands ?

WI: No Bantu Migrations

Challenge: Proto-Swahili City States in the Indosphere

Easter Island equivalent founded by natives in the Caribbean

Plausibility check: Tuareg/Berber people as Mongol-esque conquerors

Challenge: Eastern European colonies

Who else could have colonized Siberia ?

Alternate colonizers of Siberia

Challenge: Bigger Russian population base in Siberia

Plausibility check: India as a colonial power

Challenge: An African colony in Europe with a POD after 1700 AD

Plausibility check: Irish emigrants, mercenaries and/or globetrotters founding a small overseas colony in the New World ?

Challenge: Make Ireland the "Portugal of the North"

Small nations colonizing ?

Which Pacific Islands could the Netherlands colonise ?

The world without the British Empire

WI The British Empire becomes India and her little buddies

Irish or German-dominated Argentina instead of Italian

Hannoverian colonial empire

Plausibility check: Deutsche California ?

Alternatives to colonialism

Challenge : Slavic peoples settling around the Elbe and all the way into OTL Thuringia and staying there until nowadays

The butterfly effect of a succesful Vinland colony on Europe ?

Alternate post-colonial states ?

Plausibility check: German Confederation Congo ?

Challenge: Give the UK a remaining overseas territory with a status similar to that of French Guiana

Challenge: More colonies that integrate with their colonizer

Multi-national penal colony

Challenge: Have Irish dissidents take control of a British colony

Plausibility check: Romanian Colonial Empire (with a POD after 1780)

Why were the natives exterminated in some regions, but not in others ?

Challenge: Non-enforced mass emigration from Africa

Challenge : Make decolonisation stop by 1960

Alternate US expansions

The US becoming the owner of Greenland and parts of the Carribean instead of Alaska and Hawaii (with a pre-1900 POD)

Latest possible uncharted island

WI: Literal decolonization

Global population without decolonization ?

What would Africa and India look like without European imperialism ?

Best possible post-colonial divisions of Africa ?

State of Africa if colonies never gained independence

More colonies retained by colonial powers after WWII

How many colonies could stay in colonial hands ?

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Discussions and essays

Is Europe destined to rule the world ?

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

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