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Resources : Natives

These are resources about native cultures throughout the world.

General recommendations

Links to Aboriginal Resources - Literally thousands of links to numerous topics related to natives in North and South America. Everything from treaties to language lessons to maps can be found. Alas–the site has not been updated for some time so a lot of the links are dead–but that still leaves a few hundred still functioning.

Aboriginal Portal - Similar to the one above, only this one is maintained by the Canadian government. Nearly 20 different topics, each one subdivided into further sub-topics. Literally hundreds of links - all of them updated on a regular basis. There's even an International section that covers pretty much every region in the world - and a link to a global forum on Indigenous Peoples and the Information Society.

Sources on history of "magic" in different cultures ? - General discussion on the topic with bibliography suggestions, covers various nationalities globally.

For language resources, please see e.g. Language Help - African languages, Language Help - Native American languages, etc.

North American native cultures

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Full list of North American Native Nations

Native American languages - Includes maps of their distribution and of the main native language groups of North America.

Native American maps - An overview of maps on the topic.

A collection of maps on historical and current Native American cultures and polities

Native American Flags - A compendium of over 190 tribal flags and flags of tribal associations throughout North America.

Inuit Mythology

A collection of links about Inuit topics

Pan-Inuit Trails - Interactive Atlas of the Arctic, that shows how the Canadian Arctic has long been explored and mapped by the Inuit people.

Canada's First Peoples - A detailed site focusing on the history, ethnography, economy and culture of the various First Peoples of Canada before European contact. - Audio recordings of the First Peoples indigenous languages of Canada.

The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture - Pretty much everything you need to know about the Metis of Canada. Lots of pictures to view. - A detailed site with resources on Métis history and related topics.

Native American legends and other related resources

When did Native Americans adopt ironworking ?

Eastern Woodlands Native American clothing - Early modern era clothing styles and accessories of the Eastern Woodland cultures.

Trade Among Tribes: Commerce on the Plains before Europeans Arrived

A nice map of the Mississipi Culture and related nations in pre-Columbian eastern North America

Coast Salish Villages of Puget Sound

James Mooney’s Ghost Dance Recordings (1894)

North American Sioux Indian Archery

Northwest Coast Archaeology - Archaeology and historical research into the native cultures of the Pacific Northwest.

Forts, Refuge Rocks and Defensive Sites: The Antiquity of Warfare along the North Pacific Coast of North America - Archaeological research article by Jon Erlandson and Madonna L. Moss, in downloadable .pdf format, on the native fortifications used in the Pacific Northwest.

Central American (Mesoamerican) and Caribbean native cultures - Official website of the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies Inc.

Mesoweb - A site devoted to the ancient cultures of Mexico and adjacent Central America, including the Olmec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Aztec and Maya.

English to Mayan (Yucatec) - A dictionary.

The Dictionary of the Taino language - Reliable, but may include a few goofs.

South American native cultures

Eurasian native cultures

Australian and Oceanian native cultures

Australian native mythology

Mythical stories of Australian natives

The Journal of the Polynesian Society - Online historical/archeological magazine specializing on the research of various Polynesian cultures. Lots of good articles that tackle even obscure topics. 99 % of all volumes in the journal's long history (1897-2010) are now directly available on the site's archive.

Enviroment, agriculture and settlement patterns in a marginal Polynesian landscape

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