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Like what his name implies, CanadianTory is one of our many resident Canadians, and is a self described “nationalistic, moderate Conservative”. A regular contributor to the site, CanadianTory's list of activities includes his currently defunct TLs, Redemption: A Political Comeback, Blunt Objects, such threads as List alternate PMs or Presidents, Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes as well as being in charge of matters related to Nova Scotia for the American Commonwealth continuation thread. Along with his many Infobox series, he is currently working with TurquoiseBlue on a new, shared world project entitled True North.


A supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada, CanadianTory is known as a Center-Right, Progressive Conservative, and has frequently compared his political ideology to those of Robert Stanfield, Joe Clark, Hugh Segal, James Moore and Nelson Rockefeller. His stances often put him with odds with some of the more Left-leaning and Far-Right members of the board, but never to the point of heated or offensive argument.

What People are Saying

(from the "State your honest opinion of the poster above you" thread)

A good Cordial Conservative from the Northern Wilds.” - Abhakhazia

Writes one of my favorite TLs and is incredibly nice personally.” - MrHuman

Writes an awesome TL, and is my favorite kind of Conservative, a Progressive Conservative.” - Turquoise Blue

A conservative, but a Canadian one, so not nearly as insane as some of his American counterparts.” - AYoungContrarian

Someone I strongly disagree with politically but seems knowledgeable enough and is writing a high quality (Canadian Political) TL.” - d32123

Too zealous about the PCs.” - Badshah

A fellow conservative North American, so a good guy in my book” - Superman

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